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What is Mangrov?

Discover the “top 3” products in any category in 10 seconds & then buy direct from brands. We take no cut.

  • Handpicked by shopkeepers with category expertise
  • Buy direct from brands to save up to 50% or more
  • Enjoy trust & simplicity when shopping

About Us

My name is Stephan Aarstol. I’m the founder of

In 2011, I pitched selling half price paddle boards direct to consumer on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban was the only Shark that didn’t laugh when I told them my customer acquisition costs were zero. He invested. Our company, Tower Paddle Boards, landed on the INC 500 within 4 years without spending a dime on advertising and we’ve done $40M in sales. We disrupted the middlemen, retailers. Unfortunately, new middlemen have emerged. Today, Amazon takes a 50% cut from each seller sale, on average. Google searches? Similar story. Consumers are back to retail-level pricing because of this, and good brands are facing extinction.

The problem: Visibility for great products sucks!

It sucks for consumers! It sucks for great brands! Consumers have to navigate endless ads, fake reviews, and misinformation when trying to find a good product. On the flip side, for brands, the quality, value, or innovations of your product is irrelevant, its pay-to-play or don’t be found.

Our solution: Shopkeepers

30 years ago, every small town had specialty shop owners with deep product expertise who handpicked the best products to stock their store shelves. Shopping was easy for consumers. Our company,, is bringing this trust and simplicity online with a new kind of eCommerce store that sells nothing, but instead helps shoppers quickly discover the ‘top 3’ products in any category, then buy directly from brands, No Middleman™.

The “top 3” are selected by our expert, freelance Shopkeepers and the whole process is audited. We take no cut of sales. Brands enjoy free customer acquisition, consumers save 50%, and finding great products is effortless.

Welcome to a new, better way to find the best products. Don’t search, find.


NoMiddleman CEO Stephan AarstolNoMiddleman Investor Mark Cuban

*No Middleman™ is a trademark of Mangrov Alliance, Inc.