Product: MAC Knife Superior Series 10 1/2″ Slicer
MAC Knife

MAC Knife Superior Series 10 1/2″ Slicer



MAC Knife Superior Series 10½” Bread/ Roast Slicer is cherished by both professional chefs and home cooks alike. Its “scalloped” serrations effortlessly cut through breads and roasts without tearing, delivering see-through-thin slices of bread and paper-thin roast beef. The extra-long blade, slightly curved, makes it ideal for carving holiday roast turkeys. For optimal slicing, use a long, sawing motion with minimal pressure to ensure even, thin slices. With dimensions of 15.38″ in length, weighing 5.6 oz, and featuring a 10.75″ blade, this knife combines precision and ease of use.

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