Product: OXO 11″ Silicone Balloon Whisk

OXO 11″ Silicone Balloon Whisk



OXO 11″ Silicone Balloon Whisk is crafted with heat-resistant silicone, offering versatility and durability for various cooking tasks. Its soft, non-slip, teardrop-shaped handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring optimal control while whisking. Designed to withstand high temperatures without discoloration, warping, or melting, the silicone material is safe for use with non-stick, ceramic, and metal cookware. This whisk is an essential tool for blending, whipping, and aerating ingredients smoothly and efficiently. With dimensions of 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 10.5″, it combines practicality with ergonomic design, making it a reliable choice for everyday cooking needs.

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