Product: Zwiesel Glas Paris 11.7 oz Collins Glass (Set of 6)
Zwiesel Glas

Zwiesel Glas Paris 11.7 oz Collins Glass (Set of 6)



Zwiesel Glas Paris 11.7 oz. Collins Glass by Fortessa Tableware Solutions sets a new standard in beverage presentation. Made from patented Schott Zwiesel Tritan™ Crystal glass, this glassware offers unparalleled durability and clarity, trusted by sommeliers, restaurants, and resorts alike. Its minimalist Paris collection design elegantly showcases beverages, supported by a sturdy, thick sham for stability. Engineered with titanium and zirconium, it withstands breaks, chips, and scratches, maintaining brilliance through repeated use. Fortessa Tableware Solutions combines craftsmanship with contemporary design, ensuring memorable dining experiences in prestigious hospitality environments worldwide.

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