Content: Join Us As A Shopkeeper

Shopkeepers are the driving force behind personalized product recommendations, acting as trusted advisors with specialized knowledge to help consumers make informed decisions. Analogous to corporate buyers in traditional retail, they streamline the overwhelming task of navigating information, saving consumers time and providing trustworthy recommendations for a genuinely satisfying shopping experience.

Shopkeepers earn a 30% revenue share across all curated categories on our platform, with individual earnings determined by the proportion of categories they curate. The annual cap of $1,000 per category per year means Shopkeepers can potentially earn up to $150,000 per year by curating a maximum of 150 categories. 50 is allowed until proven, then up to 150.

Expertise That Matters

Everyone possesses expertise in something, whether derived from personal passions, work, hobbies, or lifestyle. Our Shopkeepers leverage their specialized knowledge to assist users in making informed decisions when shopping for products. The five hours a year that a specialist spends researching each specific product category can collectively save uninformed buyers millions of hours.

Analogous to Traditional Retail Buyers

Our Shopkeepers play a role akin to corporate buyers in traditional retail at major stores like Costco. These professionals specialize in specific fields, analyzing market conditions, identifying consumer trends, and making product selections based on quality, value, and innovation. The distinctive ‘affordable luxury’ curation model, typically offering only one selection for many product categories at a store like Costco, contributes to its popularity. The key difference with us is that we can curate from any product source (direct brands, stores, marketplaces, etc.) allowing as direct a transaction as possible with the fewest intermediaries.

Why Use Shopkeepers?

In a world flooded with information, our Shopkeepers act as guides, saving consumers from the overwhelming task of sifting through countless brands and stores, both offline and online, paid ads, unreliable and even fake reviews, as well as intentionally misleading information corrupted by bribes in various forms. Whether you’re a first-time golfer seeking the best putter or an outdoor enthusiast exploring a new hobby, our Shopkeepers curate top product recommendations, sparing you hours of research and potential frustration.

Value Proposition

  • Time Saving: By quickly navigating to a Shopkeeper’s 3 picks for a particular category, consumers eliminate the need to spend hours researching products online or in-store.
  • Trustworthy Recommendations: Shopkeepers provide reliable advice grounded in their genuine expertise, empowering consumers to make confident purchasing decisions. We carefully vet our Shopkeepers, allowing them to only pick products in categories where they possess significant expertise. Regular checks of their work ensure they consistently meet our unrelenting standards.
  • Holistic Product Landscape: Mangrov offers a unique advantage by providing a comprehensive overview of brands and stores, surpassing the limitations of individual retailers. Unlike platforms dependent on brand opt-ins or stores with exclusive negotiations, our model allows you to explore a diverse selection, from direct-to-consumer brands to private labels, offering a broader and more varied product landscape in one convenient place.

The Problem Shopkeepers Solve

In a sea of information, consumers often find themselves lost, spending countless hours navigating misleading reviews and marketing gimmicks. Shopkeepers at Mangrov streamline this process, distilling expertise into personalized product recommendations. This not only saves time but ensures consumers make well-informed choices, avoiding the pitfalls of misinformation and confusion.

At Mangrov, we believe in empowering consumers with the knowledge they need to find joy in their purchases. Our Shopkeepers are here to make your shopping experience not just convenient but genuinely satisfying. They do the research once a year for the benefit of millions.

Revenue Sharing

This revenue-sharing model ensures fair earnings distribution among Shopkeepers based on their curated categories’ impact on Mangrov’s success.

Let’s break it down:

  • Calculation Basis: The 30% revenue share is calculated based on the total revenue generated by all Shopkeeper-curated categories. For example, if Mangrov had 9,000 Shopkeeper-curated categories that generated $15M in revenue, the Shopkeepers would collectively share $4.5M.
  • Proportional Share: Each Shopkeeper’s share is determined by the proportion of categories they curate out of the total. For example, if a Shopkeeper curates 50 categories out of say 9,000 total, they would earn a share based on their contribution, so they’d earn 0.5556% of the revenue pool.
  • Revenue Example: If the total revenue for the year across all Shopkeeper-curated categories is $15M, a Shopkeeper curating 20 categories would earn $10,000 ($500 per category), while another curating 50 categories would earn $25,000.
  • Scaling Share: As Shopkeepers increase the number of categories curated, their earnings scale accordingly. A Shopkeeper curating 150 categories would earn three times the amount earned by a Shopkeeper curating 50 categories.
  • Capped Earnings: There’s a $1,000 cap per category per year.

As a startup since 2024, growth is organic, and revenue generation may take years. While outcomes are uncertain, your expertise, as a Shopkeeper, is invaluable to consumers everywhere, ensuring that your efforts contribute to helping people. Participation entails sharing the startup journey with the potential for significant compensation if successful.